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World’s Window and Bethlehem Middle School
Microlending Project

Albany, N.Y
World’s Window and the Bethlehem Central Middle School (BCMS) Sixth Graders-Delmar, NY- have formed a partnership in a Microlending Project through Kiva-a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. http://www.kiva.org Operating with $2,500.00 start-up funding provided by World’s Window Inc., the sixth graders have created 100 micro loans-$25.00 each-to individuals in impoverished countries. The payback rate for micro loans through Kiva is 98.89%. The students after researching social and economic differences of our world’s nations-infant mortality rate; per capita income; average life expectancy; literacy rate; gender equity; population growth rate; access to health care, have selected recipients from the Middle East, Latin America and many African nations. Through Kiva the students are able to track the recipients loan portfolios, bi-monthly the sixth graders submit a progress report to the World’s Window board.The $2500.00 account created has impacted 100 impoverished loan applicants,families and communities world-wide this year, along with contributing to the “real-world” education and global leadership skills of more than 400 middle school students at BCMS. With Kiva.org’s repayment rate of 98.89%, this loan portfolio can be “recycled” each year, continue to serve as part of BCMS 6th grade social studies curriculum, while generating new loans as the original loans are repaid.
PLEASE VISIT www.kiva.org for more information about Kiva and please visit the Bethlehem Middle School website @ http://www.bethlehemschools.org see BCMS Headlines on the Home Page scroll down to Six Graders Issue Micro Loans

Bethlehem Middle School Sixth Graders


World’s Window Partners with AHN Partners in Education Program

World’s Window and the Partners in Education Program at the Academy of the Holy Names join hands in a common effort to give economically disadvantaged girls the opportunity to attend high school at the Academy of the Holy Names in Albany, New York.

The Partners in Education Program at the Academy of the Holy Names  was established several years ago in an effort to give economically disadvantaged women the opportunity to attend Holy Names. World’s Window has committed to a four year partnership with the Partners in Education Program, where annually World’s Window will make a contribution to the program. The mission of the Partners in Education program is accordance with the mission of World’s Window , as it is the goal of both organizations to give greater educational opportunities to those in need.



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