Casey Scholarship Fund-High School(CSF-HS)
Belize -Central America
Michael Casey our late Executive Director and his late wife Jillian Schuessler Casey were teachers for nine years at the Gallon Jug Community School (now the Casey Community School) in Belize. Michael was also the principal for five years. During their tenure at the remote primary school in north western Belize, Michael revitalized and strengthened the already established Gallon Jug Scholarship Fund. The fund was created when the school was built in the late 1980’s in an effort to give the Gallon Jug graduates an opportunity to attend high school(secondary school). The scholarship fund was renamed the -Casey Scholarship Fund(CSF)- after the tragic loss of Michael, his wife Jillian and their beautiful children Makayla and Bryce. A small committee, the Casey Scholarship Fund Committee, a dedicated group of volunteers in Belize manages the program, with primary funding through World’s Window Inc. The program offers each student financial assistance based on tuition cost, family mean income, the student’s grade point average and the number of children from one family attending the school. The fund gives families an opportunity to send their child to high school, an option that in the past was unavailable, as the cost was too large.

Eligible students receive on average, $2000.00 BZE (Belize dollars) or $1000.00 US (U. S. Dollars) annually. That amount covers tuition cost, as well as school supplies and money for the family who houses the student when the student leaves their home in Gallon Jug to attend high school in one of the other Belizean towns. If criteria for receiving funding is maintained (such as grade point average), the funding is renewed for the following year.

Casey Scholarship Fund-High School(CSF-HS)-Expansion Program
Orange Walk, Belize-Central America
The Casey Scholarship Fund- HS Expansion Program is an effort to reach out to students from other remote communities in Belize. The CSF-HS Expansion serves students from other rural villages in the Orange Walk District of Northern Belize.  The Casey Scholarship- HS program now supports over 25 students combined from six villages.

Scholarship Students- Damaris, Alice and Aniver with Mr. Chris
Muffles High School-Orange Walk District, Belize

Casey Scholarship Fund – Junior College(CSF-JC)

In August 2013 World’s Window and the Casey Scholarship Program launched the CSF-JC Fund. The new junior college scholarship program is available to all of the CSF-HS high school graduates who meet the standards of the new junior college scholarship program. Our junior college program will provide an opportunity for many of our high school students to attend junior college in Belize.  In Belize only 4% of junior college age students actually attend junior college. We believe this opportunity will give the students greater opportunity in the job market, as well, for some it will provide a stepping stone to further their education at a four year institution in Belize or abroad. Many of our CSF-HS students are the first in their families to complete high school, junior college for most students and their families is a dream. We are thrilled about the new program and excited for the opportunity this will provide our CSF students.

The Casey Scholarship Fund HS and JC Program  supports our students with financial assistance, as well, our program provides a support group through our CSF monthly meetings at the Ministry of Education in Orange Walk, Belize. Our CSF monthly meetings give our students an opportunity to discuss their academics, daily life and other matters with fellow CSF students and with our CSF Committee.  Our meetings provide an opportunity for the students to discuss grades, struggles, and achievements. As well, each monthly meeting students will work on different exercises in leadership, public speaking, goal setting and career development. Our mission is to assist our students, in a way that will lead them to be successful, achieving their goals and dreams.

Casey Community School Computer Upgrade Project
Gallon Jug, Belize
In 2011 World’s Window provided funding for this project at the Casey Community School in Gallon Jug, Belize. World’s Window allocated $2,500.00 US dollars towards this upgrade project. The upgrade included ten newly refurbished Dell laptop computers, one new projector, a new digital camera, a new wireless modem, and one new web cam.  We are very excited about the project, as the upgrade has given the teachers and students-at the small remote community school- a high quality, efficient system upgrade to the currently outdated system. This project has given the teachers greater tools for teaching, thereby giving the students a higher quality education. The students now have monitored access to high quality efficient computers, connecting them to the world outside of their own, providing them with learning tools and access to the wealth of positive information available on the web.

Casey Community School- New Laptops Delivered-Nov 2011



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