Casey Community School Computer Upgrade Project

World’s Window will be upgrading the computers at the Casey Community School in Gallon Jug, Belize. We will be allocating $2,500.00 dollars towards this upgrade project. The upgrade will include ten newly refurbished Dell laptop computers, one new projector, a new digital camera, a new wireless modem, and one new web cam. The computers will be shipped to Belize in the coming weeks and should be in use by late November 2011. We are very excited about this project, as this will give the teachers and students-at the small remote community school- a high quality, efficient system upgrade to the currently outdated system. This project will give the teachers greater tools for teaching, thereby giving the students a higher quality education. The students will now have monitored access to high quality efficient computers, connecting them to the world outside of their own, providing them with learning tools and access to the wealth of positive information available on the web.



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